Thursday, June 21, 2012

Future Roommates

So my former roommate Erika was in town and it was so great to catch up with her and little ladies. Of course we had to re-introduce these girls again. Above, is the first time that Kara Jane met Marinn Claire. Three years later and...
                                     it was like no time had passed ( just like their momma's)
 Silly Faces!!

Vanessa, Gabriella and Jamison opted to bow out of these pics! Next time!

Thanks for making the trip up to play with us! We can hardly wait until you can come again!

This is what we did today

Dear Daddy,
 Do you miss these sweet faces yet? We are sure missing is a peak in on what we are up to.
 Can you believe that these cuties belong to us? Lucky!!!
 Marinn was allllll about the dance party. Do ballerina's do the splits like this? Check out the intensity in her face! And , yes, this is after the hair cut!
 Our big boy was all about the Cougars in the morning and building lego guns in the afternoon. Errrr....should we be worried?
 And check out JJ!!! With a face this sweet you need two pictures to fully enjoy! The smiley one shows me in him and the bottom shows your blue eyes! He has really mellowed out and I think we have finally reached our new normal!

With Love,

Your family

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Marinn's FIRST haircut!

Yes... I finally gave in and took Miss Marinn to get her hair cut( almost 4 inches in some spots). And good news...the curl didn't fall out AND she love sitting in a pink convertible like a big girl. Who could blame her there!

Join me for a swim?

C'mon...I'm a pretty good little swimmer and I LOVE the water....
Whatya say? The Jackson pool is open!!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Art Imitates Life

For those of you who may NOT biggest help with soothing my babies has always been an exercise ball. Something about the bounce of it just calms them right down. It has so second nature to me that I didn't quite notice who else might be picking up on this little trick! I found Miss Marinn doing this same thing! She found one of brady's balls and started bouncing her baby doll on it. This picture is somewhere between hilarious and sad!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

You're gonna love this!

Here is some updated Jamison pictures/video of our cutie! He just keeps changing and growing so much I have to document it for my mom! He is so alert and full of smiles...except when he isn't:) Thank goodness for the exercise ball for those moments! He is sleeping longer stretches at night which makes for a happier mommy! We are just in love with our "little brother"!

From Soccer to Baseball

 The AF Angry Birds. We just love this team...great group of kids and parents and coaches! We miss hanging out with you guys!
 Brady's baseball team is the Pirates this year. Not quite the same kind of team as his soccer...should be interesting! He moved up from Teeball to Coach pitch and is doing great. Here is his first hit!
 I love the determination on his face!
 Ready position? We'll need to work on that!
 And ever the cheerleader...the beautiful Marinn(just ignore the lion hair!)

JJ and Daddy...we had to trade who bounce him every inning! He is a man of action!

With 7 days left on school we are transitioning into the summer season! The weather has been absolutely perfect and I wish it would last longer! Here is a peek into what we are up to...I've noticed that are family has already fallen into the sports cycle!